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I write picture books infused with heart, humor, and sometimes, rhyme. I especially enjoy unique, memorable characters, fun language, unexpected twists, and endings that leave readers with a smile!

My debut picture book: 

The Great Cookie Kerfuffle, Amicus Ink, 2022 (paperback release August 2023!)

Some of my recent titles for the educational market include:

Dream Jobs in Sport Psychology, Rosen Publishing, 2018

The Gross Science of Bad Breath and Cavities, Rosen Publishing, 2018.

Careers in Social Justice, Rosen Publishing, 2019.

Working in Health Services, Rosen Publishing, 2019.

Shutting Down Bullies at Home, Rosen Publishing, 2020.

Careers in Manufacturing, Rosen Publishing, 2020.

Acquiring and Using Potions and Consumables in Fortnite(TM), Rosen Publishing, 2020.

Some of my magazine pieces include:

Family Fun     Highlights High Five magazine, forthcoming

The Perfect Sounds     Ladybug magazine, May 2015

Sunrise Stretch    Highlights High Five magazine, May 2015

Summer Plans     Highlights for Children magazine, forthcoming

The Haircut     Highlights for Children magazine, March 2011

Surprise Party!      Ladybug magazine, Sept 2010

Horse Sense     Hopscotch for Girls magazine, April/May 2010

Don’t Knock It ‘Til You’ve Fried It     Hopscotch for Girls magazine, Aug/Sept 2009


Pizza Night     Ladybug magazine, Sept 2008

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